ARCHITECHT Daily: "At this point the whole container game needs a time out"

These two successive tweets Tuesday night from Google developer advocate (and container-space living
ARCHITECHT Daily: "At this point the whole container game needs a time out"
By ARCHITECHT • Issue #64
These two successive tweets Tuesday night from Google developer advocate (and container-space living legend) Kelsey Hightower made me laugh:
Of course it doesn’t need a timeout, but the industry could benefit from some better marketing. There’s a lot of great working being done, but it’s spread across a diaspora of open source projects (many of which the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is attempting to reunite under its umbrella) and enterprise products. The result is that there’s a lot of buzz and rapid adoption, but still quite a bit of confusion about why and how to use this stuff, and how it all fits together. 
I’m not certain what the remedy is when you’re talking about so many open source projects (and related companies) arguably necessary to complete the whole cloud-native stack. But I do think the diffusion could limit the ultimate impact of containers, especially as cloud providers push something of a bypass with serverless computing, and that it plays right into the hands of large vendors like Microsoft and Red Hat that can bring it all together.

Artificial intelligence
I just came across this paper on how current copyright law might apply to works created by algorithms. It’s a fair question, the answers to which might only complicate an already complex system.
“It’s not like now we have hundreds of companies delivering cutting edge AI applications. It’s more the case that they perceive the potential.” Yup.
This is probably true, although it’s important to remember that there’s more to intelligence than just the algorithms. Data and UX still matter a lot. Data possibly more than ever.
This ties right into the previous two links. Oracle does have a ton of data and good technologists. But CRM is about the least inspiring application of AI around, especially if it doesn’t deliver on the grandiose claims.
This isn’t new news, exactly—we’ve been talking about AI diagnosis for a while—but it’s a good reminder that the models apply to medical records as well as images.  •  Share
Sponsor: Cloudera
Sponsor: Cloudera
Cloud and infrastructure
This is a big win for Microsoft in the battle for enterprise workloads. Interestingly, Maersk joins the ranks of companies not choosing AWS in part because they consider Amazon a competitor.  •  Share
These sound like leased facilities, and not that big in terms of capacity. For IBM, proximity probably matters more than scale.
I predict roughly zero percent market share for Chinese cloud providers among U.S. companies. But a U.S. location does help Tencent’s Chinese customers serve U.S. end-users.
This makes a lot of sense for mid-sized companies that cannot afford the people to keep up with threats. Assuming your service provider is good, of course.  •  Share
Database startup MapD raised $25 million last month, and yesterday announced version 3.0 of its GPU-accelerated SQL database. I would have ignored the point release, but then I came across two rather glowing reviews (here and here) of what it’s trying to do. I’m not sure how many takes on high-performance SQL the market can handle, but it appears we haven’t reached the limit yet.
All things data
Seems like we’ve seen this pitch a number of times before, but Domino also seems to have solid customer traction. 
I like this take on the religion around big data. I think AI will help make use of a lot of data that otherwise might sit dormant, but when to delete it? The idea of data centers full of idle data does seem wasteful …
This is mostly a new term for the democratization of data we’ve been talking about for years. I still contend it’s a good goal, but I’m not certain it’s happening as planned. SaaS apps for each team are much easier.
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