ArchiTECHt Daily: AI expert Andrew Ng is leaving Baidu

Andrew Ng announced via Medium post last night that he is resigning from his role as head of AI at Ba
ArchiTECHt Daily: AI expert Andrew Ng is leaving Baidu
By ARCHITECHT • Issue #43
Andrew Ng announced via Medium post last night that he is resigning from his role as head of AI at Baidu, a post he has held since 2014. He didn’t lay out specific details in his post, but in several press interviews did mention health care and education as areas in which he’s interested.
If you’re unfamiliar with Ng, it’s hard to understate his importance in the advancement of AI and machine learning, more generally, over the past few years. Baidu, of course, has made a huge investment in AI, and apart from from some widely publicized research breakthroughs (particularly in speech recognition), the company has implemented deep learning quite widely across its production services. It has at least prototyped many interesting “smart” devices, ranging from wearable to a bike.
Before Baidu, Ng helped create the Google Brain team, was a researcher and professor at Stanford, and co-founded Coursera, where he taught an immensely popular course on machine learning. 
I’ve had a chance to speak with Ng several times over the past few years—when I was at Gigaom, Fortune and even since starting ArchiTECHt—and I’ve always found him to be remarkably sincere, thoughtful and forward-thinking about AI. Not just about the next big deep learning techniques, but also about how AI will (and won’t) affect society and business. I hope he does do something in the fields of health care or education, and/or in helping to mitigate the effects of AI on the labor force, because I’m confident he can make a big difference.
You can check out my post on ArchiTECHt about the news here, but, to be honest, you can get a lot more information on Ng’s and Baidu’s future plans from these other stories at Bloomberg, VentureBeat and MIT Technology Review.
And if you haven’t listened to my recent ArchiTECHt Show podcast interview with Ng, you can do that here.

Sponsor: Datos IO
Sponsor: Datos IO
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