First things first

A big thanks to everyone who's already filled out the survey I sent out on Thursday. If you haven't, please try and do it by Friday. The link to the Google Form is here:

The goal is to help me figure out how to best optimize the time I spend on ARCHITECHT, based on your reading patterns and the things you want to read about. This newsletter can easily become a full-time commitment if I let it, but then, ironically, it also probably wouldn't exist for long.

One of the things I'm going to try is to continue writing brief summaries/analysis of the links, but keep my analysis up here to 1-2 times per week. Basically, when the spirit really moves me to comment in depth on something.

Also, it seems like a good time to remind folks that the ARCHITECHT Show podcast is a thing, and that you might find it valuable. You can find episodes and links to listen to it on various platforms here. Recent guests include Rob Bredow (head of Industrial Light & Magic), Jason Hoffman (CEO of MobiledgeX and, previously, founder of Joyent) and Tom Krazit (cloud and enterprise IT editor at GeekWire). This Thursday's episode will feature Hilary Mason, GM of machine learning at Cloudera and long-time data-science thought leader; we talk a lot about data ethics.

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