First things first

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If you told me 10 years ago that Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google would be spending 2018 fighting for cloud computing dominance among large enterprises I probably wouldn't have believed you. (Or maybe I would have. I don't recall. Check the archive ;-)) At the very least, I probably wouldn't have believed they'd be taking their fight inside the data center.

But here we are. After a week of speculation about whether AWS is building a network switch, AWS sticking EC2 instances inside local storage devices, and Google powering local Kubernetes applications (check out the this week's earlier issues if you missed these stories), things just keep getting more interesting. Here's what we learned today:

The day will come for artificial intelligence, serverless computing and other services that are only commonplace among a small segment of developers, but today the money seems to flow right back to data centers and VMware.

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