First things first

There was a crazy amount of news already this week, with Microsoft Build, Google IO and the Red Hat Summit all taking place. So rather than do a mega-issue, I have captured a good deal of what was announced at those conference in this issue and will publish an additional issue with the rest of the week's news.

I have specific comments for all the links and announcements below, but here are a few high-level takeaways as I watched everything unfold:

  • Microsoft's strategy around the internet of things seems very sound, and could be a great way to lure enterprise developers to Azure, which based on my experience is much less popular among the techie crowd. In fact, IoT might be the thing that helps Microsoft capitalize on all the good work it's doing around Kubernetes and artificial intelligence, as well -- because those are spaces that, fairly or not, Google and AWS own from a mindshare perspective.
  • Google is the clear front-runner in consumer-facing AI, even if some of it is creepy/controversial. This is what happens when you dominate in AI research and also own such a big part of the consumer tech stack: email, calendar, smartphone, smart-home devices, search, etc. I recall writing years ago (although I certainly am not alone) that Apple vs. Google (and, now Amazon, as well) would come down to privacy versus AI-powered functionality. Right now seems like the perfect time to see that battle happen, although Apple does have a potential ace in the hole if it can master AI functionality that maximizes privacy / minimizes data collection.
  • Red Hat is going to make a killing selling Kubernetes to the enterprise. It has wisely surfed a lot of waves over the past several years, and they seem to have culminated around containers. It's also very interesting to see how many large enterprise customers it has that are doing Kubernetes-based OpenShift on top of OpenStack. While our attention moves on, that doesn't mean enterprise investments in private cloud have necessarily done the same.
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Microsoft Build: So much Azure and AI

Red Hat Summit: K8s and ... OpenStack

Google I/O brings the AI

A few interesting Google Cloud announcements, too

I'm not sure if these are technically part of the IO news train, but Google did make a few other cloud-related announcements this week -- including its intent to acquire an Israeli cloud-migration company. Check them out: