First things first

This is a really long issue, because a lot of interesting stuff happened this week and I came across an inordinately large number of interesting research, as well. So I'm going to be brief up top and save most of my comments for the links below. However, you'll notice that I added special sections for AI news out of Facebook's F8 conference and for Kubernetes news coming out of KubeCon.

This is because each event produced a lot of news, but also because we're talking about truly important and -- at least in the context of enterprise IT -- game-changing technologies. For all the talk about Facebook's questionable ethics and business model over the past month, the reality is that (1) it's not going away and (2) it remains one of the most influential companies around in terms of open source contributions, large-scale computing and AI research.

As for Kubernetes, well, if all the attention around it seems like overkill in the beginning, it has since transformed into arguably the biggest thing to hit IT since cloud computing. I think the majority of new applications will eventually be built and packaged using Kubernetes, even if containers really do give way to serverless computing as an even lower-touch approach for developers at some point. If you follow what's happening inside the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, where Kubernetes lives, they're already shifting some focus to serverless and it seems safe to assume that Kubernetes will be a foundational element of whatever emerges there.

Finally, speaking of the CNCF, I've noted this before but it bears repeating: We're in a new era in IT, especially infrastructure, where open source is more important than ever. And it seems like the CNCF (which technically is part of the Linux Foundation) wields a level of power heretofore unseen among open source foundations. It has money, huge members and, seemingly, a functional governance model. And it's really stepping up its efforts around certifications and other business-level functions.

It will be fascinating to see how it evolves and the type of commercial market that eventually grows around it. OpenStack this is not. (Although OpenStack also seems to finally be finding / refinding its footing, but that's a story for another day.)

P.S. I didn't have time to annotate all links I collected, and this platform limits issues to 50 actual items, so there's an additional section at the bottom with a bunch of embedded links. Especially in the AI field there are a lot of cool business applications covered, ranging from robotics to specialized voice assistants to aviation, and research papers covering security, on-device computation, image-captioning and more. You'll definitely want to take a look.

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Extra reading

As promised up top, here are a collection of additional links that are actually quite interesting. Enjoy.

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